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Bella At Home Review

Oral health problems run in my family for ages. My daddy has fragile gums and bleeding problem and my brother and me are coping with yellowish teeth. I know this is not just family problem but it is my bad habit of smoking and addiction of caffeine. Even my dentist suggested me to ostracize smoking but I couldn’t help it. So, a friend one day told me about Bella At Home. I asked her to order one for me and I received it just few days back. I was dying to review this product…

Explore about the Formula…

This teeth whitening kit is made after concentrated research. This claims to give you beautiful and white teeth without any spots on. Honestly, this was the thing I was searching for. This is in the form of thick tube that is easy to apply and the taste is not bad.

Bella At Home Ingredients

Although, they haven’t publicized the ingredients list but one major ingredients is Carbamide peroxide solution that makes teeth look better than ever. I’m not deadly sure about the list so it is better not to mention.

How Does Bella At Home Work?

This has some naturally made and extracted acids that remove the yellow stains from your teeth surface and the dark spots too. The gel helps cleanse teeth and gives you healthy and better teeth.

You may Get these Benefits…

  • White and clean teeth
  • Improve your gum health
  • You won’t have those stains anymore

What Do you Get in the Kit?

This kit is not a big one, all it contains is…

  • A Whitening Gel
  • Custom full-arch application tray
  • A custom applicator

When should one Expect Results?

It depends how you use it and how often you clean your teeth with it. If you are following it the way you should (written on the kit) then you will surely get visible results within 3 weeks.

Would I Recommend this?

I think if a chain smoker can get advantages out of it then anyone else can get good results. So, I would definitely recommend this.

Things you should know Beforehand…

  • This is not evaluated by FDA
  • This is only available online (they don’t sell it at retail stores)

Side Effects?

No! This is absolutely safe and you don’t have to ask a dentist before using it. You save a lot of money now because your dentist can’t fool you.

Where to Buy?

You can buy the kit online; go to the official site of Bella At Home to order one month supply.